Artifical grass continues to grow in popularity as more and more people appreciate the realistic finish a quality product provides. Great for families with young children and pets, those looking for a contemporary feel or anyone wishing to make their lives easier from the upkeep of a traditional garden. Specialising in the supply and installation of high quality artificial grass, Arkway can help you to transform your outdoor space, minimise maintenance and enjoy a beautiful garden area.



Is artificial grass pet-friendly and child-friendly?

Yes, our grass is completely safe for both children and domestic pets, with the added benefits of less muddy clothes to wash, and dirty paws to clean!

Do I need to perform regular maintenance?

Very little maintenance is needed. A stiff broom or rake will help collect any litter or leaves and also raise the fibres. 


How long does the warranty last? 

We offer a 7 year guarantee on all works we undertake. Although you can expect your grass too last much longer than this.


What happens when it rains?

There's no need to worry about rain. Artificial grass and the materials it is laid on are porous, and so rainwater drains through into the ground below. 


Why should I choose artificial grass?

Artificial grass is virtually maintenance-free, and can really transform a tired outdoor space. Whether a contemporary, entertaining space or a play area for the kids.

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